The Arizona State Senate just passed a bill that requires law enforcement, cities and counties to sell to the public any guns that are seized from criminals or turned in by their owners. Currently public safety agencies destroy these weapons. 

Quoting from State Senator Farley's press release:

a Brenda Barton bill, HB2455, passed the Senate on a third read vote of 18-12. This bill would force law enforcement and cities and counties to sell guns in their possession, even those surrendered voluntarily by owners and those used in the commission of crimes, murders, and suicides.  

Imagine the impact on victims' families to know that the gun used to kill their loved one is back out on the streets in someone else's hands. Imagine the family of a suicide victim killed by the family gun, who would no longer be able to ask law enforcement to destroy that gun.  

One senator, Rick Murphy (R-Glendale) argued that this was a "taxpayer protection bill" and that it was our duty to maximize profits for our cities by selling guns instead of destroying them. He added that those of us talking about the emotional impact on victims' families were "using those emotions for political purposes." 

As Dave Bradley (D-Tucson) put it, "It is now safer to be a gun than to be a child in Arizona." 



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